Share what you know

The “net” is a great place for getting information about almost all things. Working with IT I use it everyday. For years i have almost always been getting information and only made a few comments on other peoples work.

With this site, Askella I try to give something back to the “community” in the various topics i can contribute.

A few month ago I was looking for reviews about the Drobo storage system and i found a video on Youtube with a guy in front of a iMac with a big hair talking about the Drobo he just bought. It was informative, a new user giving his views about the product. I soon found out he has done a lot of videos, being a pro photographer and living by “share what you know”. I have personally learnt a lot from his videos and sometimes I check out the forums on his website,

In this video he explains some of his thoughts about sharing information.



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