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Crayon Syntax Highlighter

I have for sometime been looking for a code highlighter to publish snippets of code.

Have high hope for the Crayon Syntax Highlighter.

The installation was done from within my WordPress installation. More details are found here.

Here is a small code snippet in JavaScript, I cut and pasted it into the Crayon Tag Editor.


Smart Youtube WordPress plugin

I’ve been using the free for a while. Now when I’m having my own WordPress instance hosted by Binero something was missing. A plugging for viewing Youtube videos. The WordPress ecosystem is not lacking plugins. The amount and mixed quality is a problem for beginners like me. Its comparable with App Store for iOS or Google Play. Sometimes hard to find with a lots of similar apps.

After some googling(I like to google with Google) I found some nice reviews of the Smart Youtube plugin.

When it’s downloaded and installed in your WordPress instance you have to activate it.

It’s easy to embed a youtube clip, just put the magical v after http like this httpv://.

If you would like to see more about this plugin then watch this video.